Paintings by Rachelle Cunningham
Hand-writing by Sere Rivers
Prologue from Friedemann Karig
Art Direction: Christian Hundertmark & André Josselin
All Images by André Josselin
All Images shot with a Leica m240 or Leica M10P
Limited Value: 1500 Pieces



A visual loveletter
by André Josselin

Size: 230x290mm
Paper: Amber Graphic (150gr)
Pages: 288


Actually I had the idea for a new book at the end of 2017. I had set myself a deadline until February of 2018, to create an idea what this new book should be about and how it has to look like. But nothing came to fruition. I was too busy, I was struggling with my work and wasn’t quite sure if the quality and my whole visual world was ready for a new release.

And then, a few months later, life hit me.

I had to leave my favorite city Barcelona. My relationship was crumbling. Everything I believed in was gone. But I was holding on to it, maybe I still am, and I was trying to fix everything that was going wrong in my personal life. Astonishing enough, that while my inner self was struggling, my creative work was getting stronger and stronger. Maybe there is a connection, maybe I needed this depression to be creative again and to put all my heart back in the art-form I love so much.

After seeing NYC for the first time, the book idea started to grow on me again and at the end of November 2018 I had this Idea for a name while standing under the shower:


An open, visual letter. A mood I wasn’t getting rid of since my girlfriend broke up with me.
This melancholic, nostalgic, moody feeling of being alone and to know exactly, that there are no words, no actions, no chances to set the bar straight again to fix this.

At the beginning I thought that it would be nice to write visual letters to certain feelings. But this was kind of to complex, and I realized pretty fast that all my images contains one certain feeling: Desire.

So, here you are. „Dear,“ - Dear with a comma.
— André Josselin